Dar Sultan Tanger
Dar Sultan Tanger

Privacy policy

The Dar Sultan undertakes not to communicate the personal data of visitors or customers of the site www.darsultan.com (first name, name, address, telephone, email, etc.) or those relating to the web metric of use and attendance from the site to any third-party company or organization except in the following cases:

1. In the fight against Internet fraud.
2. In the event that the Moroccan law imposes it.
3. To respond to an injunction issued by a court decision or by the legal authorities. By accepting the general terms and conditions of sale, Customers give their consent to the use, by www.darsultan.com, of personal data concerning them.

Visitors and customers have the right to access and modify information held by Dar Sultan. This right can be exercised by sending a letter to Dar Sultan or via the contact form on the website www.darsultan.com.