Guest house Dar Sultan

Located in the heart of the Kasbah, Dar Sultan offers an orientalist, warm and colourful atmosphere. The house is 300 years old, lovingly restored by Maalem from Fez and Marrakesh in the purest Franco- Moroccan style. Its decor is eclectic, full of fantasy made up of old objects brought back from Tetouan, the Rif and from the all wide world. Jean-Pierre, as a former Marine Officer knows the meaning of travelling all over the world!

The three levels of Dar Sultan overlooking the patio where it feels good dreaming, reading a book on Tangier or just siping a mint tea.

From the sunny terraces over looking the city and the Straits of Gibraltar, everything is an incentive to gaze over the so close Spanish coast line as well as Tanger “La blanche”, "dove resting on the shoulder of Africa", as Henry de Montherland said.

The guest house Dar Sultan has seven rooms and a massage parlor, all different, colorful and comfortable.